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Film Services

What's hard about making movies?

Filmmakers are faced with the task of gathering
up everything and everyone involved at the
same place at the same time.

Too much information, or too many tools?

No one tool does every job. Whether it's
Netflix for renting movies, Withoutabox for
submitting to festivals, or GroupTwenty6
for finding crew...online tools often have overlapping
types of information and never have everything in one

Is social media doing all it can for films?

The current competitive atmosphere (in technology)
is bad for filmmakers and film lovers. Imagine a world
where you can access much of the same
information by clicking on ANY one of the links
to the left. Instead of hunting around, have it
all laid out neatly.


Search for a filmmaker on one site, see their results on all
sites. Create a filmmaker profile on one site, login to all film
related sites. Sharing the information is good for the
filmmaker, good for the audience, pre-populates new
tools, and fosters innovation instead of marketing


Search for a film on one site, see its results on all
sites. This means reviews will be available next to movie rentals.
Open positions will be availale alongside trailers. Merge the
worlds of audience and crew. Build the fanbase more
quickly, start a dialogue, and inspire new talent. Make it
more interesting and open for everyone.


In which fesitvals has this movie been shown? Where did
this festival get this wonderful film? There is a monumental
amount of information online already. TinselTown is here to
connect the dots.

What you can do

This isn't something that will happen without demand. We need
voices to tell all of these web sites to unite. Contact friends who
work for these companies, or customer service, and help us get
brand names onboard. The more we get, the more influential
we'll become.